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All about the Android app "DungeonDiary", by windbell.  [Page is in Japanese.]


DungeonDiary is simply the best RPG / dungeon crawl / dress-up / programming game on the Android Market.

A girl finds herself an orphan, indebted to her friend's crazy aunt (who also happens to own a bar) after a tragic accident concerning her parents.  Your heroine must wear different clothes (as armor) and power up her items as she battles her way through the deep and wide dungeons.  Unlike most of your typical RPGs, you don't fight in the dungeon -- your little heroine does.  There are rulesets to be learned, like changing directions or using items, that tell your explorer what to do when she's delving into the unknown. 

As she gets stronger, your little heroine will find new clothing and weapons, along with a myriad of beneficial items... even coloring crystals to dye your outfit pieces! 

This game is free to install, and contains IAPs (In-App Purchases) that are not necessary to 'win' the game.  And even after you and your heroine do win the game, further adventures await!

If you play DungeonDiary, come join us.  Swap programs, tactics, methods for getting past the Green Devil's Sigh, etc.

If you don't yet play DungeonDiary, play DungeonDiary!

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