Is The Game Really Free?Edit

Short answer:  Yes.

Long answer:  Yes.  Spending real money will only let you A) look more stylish (see below), or B) save a run or two through a higher-level dungeon (call it 30-60 minutes, depending on your program).

Are There Ads?Edit

On some pages there may sometimes be a single banner ad across the top.  It is by no means intrusive, windbell having done a good job with screen layout, and since windbell uses mediba ad, it's usually for some odd manga or anime or suchlike.

Can I Spend Real Money?Edit


Your Childhood Friend will be happy to sell you three things:

  1. Power-Up Crystal G (x10)
  2. Rainbow Colored Crystal (x10)
  3. "Special Set", a bunch of kendo equipment and 6 Power-Up Crystal Gs.

Each of these costs, at time of writing, USD $1.27.  Please note that buying any of these packages will not remove the ad.